Lothbrok Kennel

Lothbrok is a CKC Registered Kennel. The name is a kind of joke in Old Norse, derived from the nickname of the Viking king, Ragnar Lothbrok--or Ragnar "Hairy-pants." (One look at the hindermost end of a Swedish Vallhund should satisfy anyone that the name is justified.) Vallhunds are said to date back to Viking times, but whether Old Norse jokes will catch on is another question.

Lothbrok is a very small kennel, as kennels go, because it is just my house. All my Vallhunds are pets first, before they are anything else, and all Lothbrok puppies are raised in the same home environment. The arrangement clearly proves that, although Swedish Vallhunds are in reality little farm dogs, they can also adapt very well to a city environment--given enough exercise and stimulation. (It is a mistake to allow a Vallhund to get bored.)

For much more information on Swedish Vallhunds in general, see vallhund.ca

For more information on Lothbrok Vallhunds, call (+1) 613-789-1816.

Linda Sanborn

July, 2006

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